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Premier Pet Nutrition News - October 2015

New Commercial Manager joins Pet team

Premier Nutrition is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Halls as Commercial Manger for the European pet nutrition business. He replaces Ben Helm who has moved to a new role in AB Agri.

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Food Allergies and Dietary Intolerances in Pets

Adverse reaction to food, also described as dietary sensitivity, is an increasingly important consideration for pet parents and pet food manufacturers alike. The number of pet parents that will anecdotally report that their pets are sensitive or allergic to a dietary component is on the increase so what can the pet market do about it?

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We're speaking at the inaugural Nordic Pet Food Seminar

Dr Andrew Miller, Senior Pet Nutritionist at Premier Pet Nutrition has been invited to speak at the inaugural Nordic Pet Food Seminar to be held in Stavanger, Norway 17 – 18 November 2015.

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Useful ingredients for skin and coat health

A healthy skin and glossy coat is an important visible sign to owners that their pets are happy and healthy. A number of feed ingredients can help pet food brands ensure that their products provide a visible benefit - what are they?

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