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Focus on Diet and Urinary Tract Disease (Urolithiasis) in Cats & Dogs

What is Urolithiasis?

Urolithiasis is a particular type of urinary tract disease which is defined as “…the formation of sediment anywhere within the urinary tract and consisting of one or more of the poorly soluble crystalloids of urine”.

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Struvite Uroliths

There are 3 types of struvite uroliths

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Susceptibility and Prevalence of Urolithiasis

Many factors can influence the incidence of urolithiasis

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Dietary Risk Factors:

Diet plays an important role in particular types of uroliths

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Dietary Considerations

Determining the correct path of dietary management is critical in treating specific types of urolith.

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What to Include in a Commercial Diet for Cats:

When formulating a diet it is important that each component within the diet is evaluated separately for its urine acidifying properties and it’s suitability for inclusion within a diet intended for the dissolution or prevention of struvite urolithiasis in cats.

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Dietary Legislation

Although dietary management of some types of urolithiasis is possible and can be done successfully, it is always important to consider the labelling regulations surrounding the marketing and claims of dietetic foods, known as PARNUTs (food intended for a particular nutritional purpose).

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